I can't sleep  

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I’ve been sleepy this whole day and now I have a chance to sleep BUT I can’t.
The problem is simple and resolving it is easy as it just means that I have to get up, take 5 steps towards my window and proceed to draw the curtains ... BUT no, my almost legendary laziness has attacked once again.

Let me tell you about my laziness; it is the one thing that has been a holding me back from almost anything in my life like say:
1. Studying : Every single report card I got from grade 2 till grade 10 have had “Not living up to her potential” which is fancy talk for “your daughter is lazy and I wonder every single day how she motivates herself enough to breathe.”
2. Waking up: 3 years attending college and most of my failures are not cause I’m daft but because I cannot muster up enough ‘want’ to go to school.
3. Moving around: I once stayed at the living room for 3 days because I was too lazy to bring my laptop back to my room.
List goes on really but I want to go back to the problem at hand which is that my curtains aren’t drawn completely and I can see a red blinking thing which I’m going to just guess is coming from a tower and not some flying totally motionless monster with a red blinking nose.

Anyways I’ve been mulling over this matter since 12 am... and its 2:30 am now – I’ve pretty much decided to call it a mornight and head down to the living room for some good ol’ TV but I’m too lazy to do that too...

I just looked outside my window and woah!
The blinking thing is gone... which means only one thing
*pause for effect*
Something Rudolph-ish this way comes...gigitjari

I’m in love,sorta  

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Hi, I’m in love...

Well not really...

Or I guess yes, maybe I am.

If anyone’s reading this and they’ve read back to my past posts, they’ll get that I’m a fool when it comes to lovin' and likin'.

I always have someone I wanna be with but I can never get *usually because I’m a dimwit and I get the oh-shits whenever it comes to answering the “Can you be my girlfriend?” part.

Now though I have no one.

Only cause I’ve told myself I wasn’t gunna look anymore and I’d just wait it out till I’m 23 and by then I aim on going for an arranged marriage.

Anyhowzah,as I said in the title...

‘I’m in love,sorta’... I’m in love with the idea of falling in love.

I’ve even made up countless conversations which I will have with my future bf who will ultimately be my future husband, the convos by the way are insanely funny and cringe-inducing but I will not post them to save myself from the cringe that I myself would give a person who made up conversations with her currently unknown boyfriend/future husband who may or may not have been born yet.

*Imaginary blog readers say “what?!”

Me: Yes,I could go all cougar on young tots - anywhoo you can’t be picky when you’re alone.

Awful awful men.  

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Had an awfully awful experience today when a degenerate man followed me in the train station.

Not really the first time its’ happened but things like these always give me the chills but at the same time there’s a part of me hoping that they’d do something ludicrously dumb like touch me or something just so I can have a reason to break their nose.

Anyways the stuff he did weren’t really that bad but you can only do so much to ignore his crap, I tried to laugh it off as his quirkiness but when he got out of his way to follow me, sit next to me, stare at me from 2 inches away and give me a longing gaze before he got off his stop on the train- it really got hard to try and see the better side in him. I don’t even know what he thought he was gunna get from what he did...

I myself have ogled more than a few men in my young age but I’ve always had the utmost respect when I ogle them, by that I mean I don’t do the ‘perverted-you’re-slowly-being-undressed-face’ and I’ve never done anything remotely close to making them uncomfortable.

I’m okay with people looking because it’s a free country and you can never tell what piques the interest of people but I just wish men all have the decency to back off when it’s clear that they’re making someone uncomfortable.